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Welcome to the Louisiana State Society Website!

Unprecedented experiences can often lead to unprecedented lessons. In this bizarre two years we have all learned truths about ourselves and others that would not have been accessible in ordinary time. Times of crisis have always heightened the opportunity for bringing out the best in us.

Disasters teach us that resilience grows from creativity and compassion. Building resilience and creativity in our organization is key to adapting to the challenges ahead. And acknowledging and celebrating each other during our Board Meeting and farewell party to the pillars of our State Society Mr. Randy Swopes and Ms. Karen Brockelsby who served for >50 yrs.

I enjoyed my time as a member of AMT as one of the leaders, speakers for years but time for me to bequeath the baton to the younger generations. We need your participation to achieve the goal of our State Society which is more member’s participation. Our state society needs your input, so I want to encourage you to attend the meetings and make a significant contribution by becoming actively involved as Officers, Board members, Active members (i.e., author articles for the AMT PULSE, speaker for CEU, etc.).

I will encourage all members to check the AMT & LSSAMT website for updates. AMT Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona on July 18-22, 2022. This allows us to emerge even stronger as a collective humanity by reuniting with colleagues, earn CEU credits, networking and meet new friends.

Zenaida Maraggun, MS, MT(AMT), CLS(HHS)
LSSAMT President