After the Exam: What Happens When You Certify Through AMT
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After the Exam: What Happens When You Certify Through AMT

Four steps to maintain your certified member status.

Your hard work paid off and you are AMT certified! You can start using your professional credential plus (AMT) to show your AMT pride. You automatically become an AMT member and receive member benefits including a monthly AMT Update eNewsletter; discounted rates for continuing education, both in-person and online; the PULSE magazine mailed to you quarterly; career advancement resources; and opportunities for leadership on a state or national level.

Stay Certified

You are an “active certified member,” which means you are both certified AND actively participating in the professional activities of AMT. There are four steps to maintain this status:

  1. Pay an annual fee to keep your certified member status (and benefits) active
  2. Document current competency in your professional field every three years (your CCP cycle) through the Certification Continuation Program (CCP), complete educational activities and earn a specific number of points for your certification
  3. Abide by the AMT Standards of Practice
  4. Update your member profile if any of your contact information changes (email and mailing addresses, last name)

That's it! If you have paid your annual renewal and documented CCP points at the end of your three-year CCP cycle, your certification automatically rolls over into a new three-year cycle. No additional fees, no additional testing—you have stayed certified.

AMT is always here for you

If you keep your email and mailing addresses current, AMT will remind you when your annual fee is due and when you should be documenting your CCP points. See all the details about maintaining your certification.

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Earn CE to stay certified

Members qualify for discounted CE.