AMT’s Greatest Hits of 2021
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AMT’s Greatest Hits of 2021

While 2021 was a tough year to cope by most standards, we hung in there together, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile. Members and customers relied on  AMT  to keep them current on a wide variety of topics all year long. What piqued your interest in 2021? Judging by the top hits at AMT, it was everything from commiseration to celebration. Here’s AMT’s top hits for 2021.

Most-read blog post

The AMT blog is a resource for AMT members and applicants, as well as the professionals who educate and employ them.

Last year, the blog post that was read most was "You Got This! Exam Tips from People who Passed the Test." In this post, AMT applicants can read tips from current members about finding study materials and exam prep stragegies.


Most engagement on social media

Our social media pages aim at providing our members and followers with information relevant to the allied health industry and what AMT has to offer. We often share articles our members find relatable, and last year everyone felt the weight COVID-19 has put on the medical community.

Of the 250 AMT posts to Facebook in 2021, our members engaged most with an article we shared about COVID-19 testing and how it has been wearing on medical laboratory professionals. You can see the post here

Total courses added

The AMT  Learning Center offers access to more than 300 courses, helping members expand their skillset and increase their value in the workplace.

In 2021, AMT added 45 courses to our catalog including 12 STEP CE articles, 31 online courses, 1 webinar and 1 REACH Certificate course.

Most taken CE course

AMT members completed more than 84,000 courses from the AMT course catalog last year alone. The course taken most often is one of our STEP CE Articles; Asthma: An Overview from Prevalence to Plan.

Most active AMT community

AMT’s online communities allow members and applicants to connect with their peers, post questions, share resources and stay up to date with AMT news and events.

The most active community in 2021 was the AMT applicant community. The applicant community is a network of individuals going through the certification process at the same time. They seek advice and support from mentors as well as others on the same journey and pose questions about the application process to AMT staff.

If you haven't participated in an AMT community, we encourage you to check it out. As a member, you are automatically enrolled in the community for your certification and state society. It is a great way to connect with peers in your field.

Most visited AMT webpage

The AMT website has a plethora of information for our applicants, members, employers and educators.

The most viewed page in 2021 was the medical assistant eligibility page. On this page, potential AMT members check to see if they are eligible to test with AMT for a medical assisting certification. Our newest addition to this page is the RMA Eligibility Assistant, which helps applicants chose the application route that is best for them.

Edge Student Readiness Program participants

Launched in April of 2021, the AMT Edge is an interactive experience for students which gives them an edge to pass their upcoming certification exam.

This year, 361 students signed up to participate in our student readiness program, receiving an easy and fun series of emails with resources, tips and activities delivered right to their inbox.


Most watched YouTube video

Tracking your CE through AMTrax was the most popular video on the AMT YouTube page last year. This video walks members through the process of tracking CE using AMTrax, which in turn helps them keep their certification active with AMT’s Certification Continuation Program (CCP.)

Visit our YouTube playlist page to see videos for:

  • AMT Tutorials
  • Potential members
  • Members
  • School partners

Most popular way to contact customer service

The AMT customer service team answered more than 100,000 calls, emails and chat inquiries last year, averaging 8,500 a month! The most used method was phone with more than 65,000 calls answered, followed by email with 25,000 and online chats which rounded out to about 12,000.




Most read Pulse issue

The AMT Pulse magazine is a publication sent to members on a quarterly basis. In 2021, the most read Pulse issue was the spring issue.

This issue featured an article on the Telehealth Revolution and how COVID-19 served as a catalyst to a burgeoning future of care. It details how  telehealth is increasing access not just to healthcare, but to quality healthcare.

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