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Meet your new AMT Board of Directors

New directors were elected to the AMT board during the 2023 AMT Annual Business meeting in Norfolk VA.

President: Martha (Marty) Hinkel, MT (AMT)

Marty resides in Worland, Wyoming, and was certified in 1997. She has served in multiple capacities at the state level for AMT including Rocky Mountain State Society President (RMSSAMT) (2002-2006), Vice President (2001-2002), Secretary (2008-2010) and Treasurer (2015-2017). Additionally, she has been on the AMT Board of Directors since 2018. Her state awards include RMSSAMT Technologist of the Year (2007,2011, 2016), RMSSAMT Mentor (2008, 2010), RMSSAMT Pillar (2012) and RMSSAMT Golden Nugget (2013). Marty received the following national AMT awards: Distinguished Achievement (2003), President’s Award (2004), 2nd Place Technical Writing Award (2005), Exceptional Merit (2010), Pillar (2014) and Technologist of the Year (2016).


Vice President: Harry Narine, MLS (AMT), RPT (AMT)

Harry resides in Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago, and was certified in 2000. He is currently Vice President of the Caribbean Society of AMT (CASMET) and has also served as President (2015-2017), President Elect (2013-2015), Vice President (2011-2013), Assistant Treasurer (2009-2011), Treasurer (2003-2009) and Council Member (1999- 2003). Since 2018 he has served as a Member-at-Large for the national AMT Board of Directors. His awards from CASMET include: Medical Technologist of the Region (2009), Continuing Education (2005, 2007, 2015, 2017 and 2019) and Medical Laboratory Technician of the Region (1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005). His national honors include Pillar Award (2017), Exceptional Merit Award (2011), Phlebotomy Technician of the Year (2007) and Distinguished Award (2006).


Secretary: Cherry-Ann Da Costa-Carter, MLS (AMT), RPT (AMT)

Cherry-Ann has been an active member of AMT since 2000. For the NYSSAMT, she has served as Secretary, President, Editor and Legislative Chair. She has served on the AMT National Board of Directors since 2019. Her educational background includes a Master of Public Health, Walden University; Master of Science, Infectious Diseases, University of London; Bachelor of Natural Sciences, University of the West Indies; and a business management and administration diploma from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She currently serves as a City Research Scientist IVB for the New York City Public Health Laboratory, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Cherry-Ann's awards include: Meritorious Service (2012), Leadership (2014), Presidents’ Award, Distinguished Achievement Award, Merit Award and the Cuviello Award (2019).


Treasurer: Francine Oran, RMA (AMT), RPT (AMT), AHI (AMT)

Fran resides in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was certified by AMT in 2003. She has held multiple leadership roles including Central Plains State Society (CPSAMT) Treasurer (2006-2012 and 2020-present), Secretary (2012- 2018) and Prairie Tech Editor/Co-Editor (2010-2018). She has also served as a Member-at-Large on the national AMT Board of Directors since 2018. Her state awards include Merit of Distinction, Merit of Excellence, Certificate of Accomplishment, and the Jacqueline C. Langdon Service Award. Fran received the following national AMT awards: Most Improved State Society Publication (2011, 2018); Distinguished Achievement (2012); Exceptional Merit (2017); Pillar Award (2022); and the RMA of the Year Award (2022). 



AMT Board of Directors

For a complete list of the AMT Board of Directors see this press release.


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