HOSA Phlebotomy Competition Sponsored by AMT—Get Ready for the Challenge!
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HOSA Phlebotomy Competition Sponsored by AMT—Get Ready for the Challenge!

Are you a student who feels ready to accept a hands-on challenge in healthcare? Then here is a unique opportunity you won't want to miss! AMT is excited to sponsor the NEW HOSA Phlebotomy Competitive Event. Find out about this chance to prove your new phlebotomy skills, learn more about yourself, and gain the knowledge you need for kickstarting your healthcare career!

Students looking for an entry to clinical healthcare are encouraged to explore this exciting opportunity. The national student phlebotomy competition is a new collaboration between American Medical Technologists (AMT) and HOSA Future Health Professionals.

Phlebotomy is a key skill in helping to diagnose disease and illness by collecting blood and urine specimens—now you can try your hand at this. As part of the training for the competition, you will have the opportunity to take a stab in a phlebotomy training arm, draw fake blood, understand the use of tourniquets, learn ways to interact with patients, and more.

How to Be Part of the HOSA Phlebotomy Competitive Event

The HOSA phlebotomy competitive events begin at your local and state or regional level. It is a 2-part event - students must first take a written exam and then test their skills through a hands-on skill assessment. This takes place at the numerous conferences and events hosted year-round by HOSA Future Health Professionals. Because you start locally to earn the opportunity to compete at the international level, connect first at your own school with your area HOSA members. That is the starting point for every individual. Please ask your school advisor about first steps or contact HOSA for local participation. The competition culminates at the renowned HOSA International Leadership Conference, scheduled for June 2024 in Houston, Texas. HOSA General Rules and Regulations

Prepare to Compete

The competition will introduce you to the medical discipline of phlebotomy and help you understand the role of a phlebotomy technician. By participating, you will gain firsthand experience, interact with patients, and learn about the profession. Because phlebotomy is a practice, to prepare for competition, students will have the chance to identify veins, stick needles in venipuncture training arms, and “draw” fake blood. Top winners in the written and skills assessment will move through the competition from local, regional, state, to the international competition at the HOSA Conference in June 2024. AMT will provide awards for top winners in addition to HOSA.  See what you will need to prepare on the AMT HOSA page.

Who Should Participate

If you are considering a career in healthcare, the HOSA Phlebotomy Competition, sponsored by AMT, is an excellent opportunity for students to build essential skills. Importantly, by participating in the competition, you can find out if the field is right for you. Whether or not you eventually practice phlebotomy on the job, you will benefit a great deal from learning professionalism, safety, ethics, anatomy and physiology, and managing direct patient interaction.

How Competition Connects to Your Career

A professional role: One powerful aspect of the HOSA Phlebotomy Competition is the potential path for students to become certified as phlebotomy technicians. The phlebotomy skills and training have the potential to lead to professional certification, which can open doors to entry-level jobs in healthcare. Phlebotomy skills are in high demand across a variety of allied health professions. Many healthcare employers prefer a professional certification for entry-level positions, and the skills acquired through phlebotomy training can become an earning opportunity for students. See How to Become a Phlebotomy Technician.

Earn while you learn: Certified phlebotomy technicians can find employment that provides competitive wages, allowing them to earn while they continue their studies. Some certified phlebotomy technicians make a career of drawing blood or working in clinics.

Experience and networking: By working in the field, students can develop relationships with employers in their field of interest and make career contacts for the future. They can also use Phlebotomy as a steppingstone to another career in healthcare. There are many opportunities in both the laboratory and medical areas.

Certification: To prove your competency in phlebotomy, AMT offers the professional certification Registered Phlebotomy Technician RPT(AMT), which employers recognize for its quality. Carrying an AMT credential not only enhances your employability but also demonstrates commitment to excellence in patient care. See the eligibility requirements for RPT certification.

Start Now!

As an allied health professional organization, AMT urges students and educators in health science and career tech to become involved with the HOSA Phlebotomy Competition sponsored by AMT—a truly unique opportunity for personal growth and professional development! See more here about the AMT-sponsored HOSA Phlebotomy Competition.

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