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Jemm Fos, MT

Medical technologist Jemm Fos, MT, enjoys the challenges of staying on top of the ever-changing technology in laboratory medicine. This is an asset to his position as charge tech/shift supervisor at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa, because Jemm is able to easily grasp the concepts of new procedures and technology.

While Jemm originally enrolled in a medical technologist program with the intention of preparing for medical school, he found a sense of fulfilment as an MT, knowing that physicians rely on the tests results he releases to diagnose a patient and manage their care. Patient and conscientious, if there is a need for extra steps or further testing to ensure the accuracy of the results, Jemm makes sure it gets done.

Being from the Philippines, Jemm decided to take the AMT certification exam at the time when he started to look for a job in the U.S. An aunt helped him find a hospital who sponsored his work visa, and he knew that AMT certified MT graduates from other countries. As a young professional, he didn’t know what to expect from membership in AMT, but what he found are individuals who are just as knowledgeable, passionate and committed as he is to providing quality healthcare.

According to Jemm, “AMT certification gives me confidence that I am proficient in my field and keeps me informed on the latest in medical technology.” One way he stays up-to-date is by attending AMT state society meetings. Jemm was introduced to his first state society meeting by his former supervisor. “There is a lot to be learned from these meetings. I also made some friends and hope to meet more by attending future meetings.”

“AMT certification gives me confidence that I am proficient in my field and keeps me informed on the latest in medical technology.”

To those interested in becoming a medical technologist, Jemm says “Medical technology is a rewarding field to be in. It is diverse and can allow you to work in a variety of settings from hospital laboratories to universities. There is a shortage of medical technologists, especially in hospital laboratories, and the demand is high If you have great interest in the medical science and technology, consider getting into a medical technology program.” When he isn’t working, Jemm enjoys experiencing other cultures by traveling with family and friends. He also enjoys playing board games and trying new cuisines and restaurants. When it comes to his career, Jemm is considering graduate studies. He is also hoping to experience the research aspect of the field. Join AMT in congratulating Jemm on being a proud and active AMT member.

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