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Margaret Blaetz, CLC

Not everyone can say they accomplished their childhood dream, but Margaret Blaetz, CLC, did just that. Learn more about her journey.

Not everyone can say they accomplished their childhood dream, but Margaret Blaetz, CLC, did just that.

When she was 12 years old, Margaret watched an episode of “General Hospital” that featured people dying from a mysterious disease. A lab tech at the hospital looked into the microscope, identified the pathogen and saved the town. At that moment, Margaret knew what she wanted to do when she grew up.

Margaret went on to receive her associate’s degree in medical laboratory technology at Camden County College, where she worked as a specimen processor until going back to college to earn her bachelor’s degree in life sciences. She then moved through several positions in microbiology, eventually working her way up to supervisor.

During her time as supervisor, Margaret was reminded of why she chose laboratory science as her life’s work. One day a culture was detected as positive within a few hours of collection. The patient was a 6-month-old baby who had been seen in the ER but discharged. After reading the gram stain, Margaret called the ER and the patient was brought back in for sepsis, which had already advanced to meningitis. Margaret and her lab’s quick action saved the baby’s life, and Margaret realized she had done what she dreamed of doing at 12 years old: looking into a microscope, identifying a pathogen and saving a life.

Later, Margaret helped develop and open a physician’s office laboratory, which has been operational for several years and inspired her to build a consulting business for clinical laboratories. She knew that certification as a Clinical Laboratory Consultant (CLC) would help her succeed in this chapter of her career, so Margaret submitted a portfolio of her work and earned her CLC certification.

“When I first researched the qualifications, there were a few areas in which my experience was weak. It took me a year to build my portfolio and submit it for review,” says Margaret. “My application for CLC certification was accepted and approved on the first submission, which reinforced my belief that I was qualified and fully competent to expand my network of clients.”

Upon earning her CLC certification, Margaret joined the New Jersey state society, where she proudly serves as editor. When she isn’t working, Margaret enjoys traveling with her husband. Inspired by the adoption of her two dogs, she also volunteers at SOS Beagle Rescue Inc., driving transport runs for dogs on the way to their forever homes.

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