The Impact of an Allied Health Professional
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The Impact of an Allied Health Professional

Most people want to make a difference in the world through the work they choose to do. But you’re just one person. How much impact can you have?

As an allied health professional, possibly more than you can measure. Here’s one way to think about it: You can do a lot for a few people or you can do a little for a lot of people. To illustrate, you improve life very much for a few people such as your work colleagues or your family, who could not imagine getting along without you. And you improve life for a very high number of people, but to a lesser degree for each, through your work as an allied health professional.

Consider that in their day-to-day work, allied health professionals on each shift affect anywhere from a handful to hundreds of patients. Whether you are ensuring a correct test measurement or counseling a patient, you are making a positive impact on the well-being of another human. And you do it over and over for a constant stream of patients. Every single action counts toward making life better for your patients as well as those around them. What’s more, when you improve their health your impact on patients has long-term benefits. So, for a high number of people, you are making a positive impact that goes well beyond the individual patient and beyond the day that you cared for them. That’s pretty amazing.


You are not alone in your effort to make a meaningful impact on the health of our nation. Your individual effort is enhanced by the thousands of active members of AMT in every state, coast to coast. So, stand tall and be recognized as a vital part of making this a better place for all.

As an AMT member, the good work you do lifts the reputation of your national professional certification. Here are just a few ways you can show your pride in your credential.

List your credential + AMT after your name

Share AMT’s well-earned reputation by adding your credential plus (AMT) after your name. Many members personalize scrubs, lab coats, and name badges. You can also use it in your work email signature and on social media.


Here’s how to include credentials after your name:

  • Chantal Williams, RMA (AMT), RPT (AMT)
  • Eric Smith, MLT (AMT)

See more about using your credentials on LinkedIn here.

Sport the AMT Logo

Another great way to show pride for your AMT membership is to wear and use items with the AMT logo. Shop the new AMT store now!



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Certificate, Pin and Patch

70% of members said they have a dedicated desk or wall space to display personal items. Why not use that space to hang your AMT certificate? It’s a visual reminder to coworkers and management that you are dedicated to maintaining quality and competency in your work.

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Lapel pins and duty patches which can be affixed to name badges, scrubs or lab coats are available in the AMT store for active members only based on certification.

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You make a difference every day. As an allied health professional, as an indispensable member of the health care team. And that’s the value that you bring to the AMT credential. Wear it proudly.

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