Stay Certified
Check Your Status

Pay annual renewal fee

Renewal fees are required to maintain your active certified status and include member benefits.

  • Fees are due the anniversary month that you were certified
  • Renewal notices are sent through email and mail
  • Everything pertaining to member certification including accessing invoices and making online payments can be done through My AMT Portal

Earn CCP points

CCP points are earned through a variety of qualifying activities. Activities that relate to your certification and follow the criteria below are considered qualifying:

  • Does it help you do your (health care) job better?
  • Does it advance your knowledge in the health care field?
  • Does it prepare you for advanced management or a health care degree?

Important change effective 1/1/2021: You will only be able to claim CCP points for employment that occurred between the start of your 3-year CCP cycle through 12/31/2020 (years 2018 through 2020).

Earn points through AMT or on your own

Track CCP points

CCP points are due every 3 years by the end of your certification cycle. All CE points claimed MUST have been earned in the CCP cycle being reported. CE points cannot be claimed if completed before the cycle start date and CANNOT be rolled into the new cycle.
There are two ways to comply:

Record your CE

Collect, record and track your activities online for each 3-year cycle.

  • You’ll automatically roll into your next CCP cycle when points are recorded online and your annual fees are paid
  • AMT CE points from online activities are automatically recorded
  • AMT does not accept documents for review and entry unless selected for the Annual CCP Audit or Recertification purposes.

Why Stay Certified?

Increase Salary

Certification means higher wages.

Advance Your Career

Promotions are easier with a certification.

Expand Knowledge

Opportunities to grow professionally.

Demonstrate Commitment

Show employers you’re committed to your profession.

Learn why AMT is your lifelong career partner

Has your Certification Lapsed?

Here’s how to recertify


You must meet CURRENT eligibility criteria, not those at initial certification.

You must recertify if you…

  • certified after January 1, 2006, and you failed to document CCP points and/or pay an annual fee for 3+ years
  • certified prior to Jan. 2006, and you failed to pay the annual fee for 3+ years
  • were audited by CCP and were unable to demonstrate compliance

Complete one of the following to recertify:

Recertify by CCP*

  • Submit a Recertification by CCP Application with supporting documentation and fee
  • Once requirements are met, you'll receive an email from Credly to claim your digital badge.

*If certification lapsed 10+ years, you MUST recertify via exam

Or Recertify by Exam

  • Submit a Recertification by Exam Application and fee
  • Once the application is processed follow the same steps to take the original exam
  • After you pass the exam, you'll receive an email from Credly to claim your digital badge
  • Recertifying as an RMA? Try the RMA Eligibility Assistant to see if you qualify for recertification by exam.

Earn CE to stay certified

Members qualify for discounted CE.