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Message from the Office of the President :

I am honored and truly humbled to be given this opportunity to serve as the CASMET President. I served as President in 2003 to 2005, at which time CASMET underwent a strategic planning process, where we redefined our Vision and Mission Statement as the body representing medical laboratory professionals within the Caribbean.

Over the years CASMET has moved from strength to strength with each biennium. Each President along with their Council has made significant sacrifices and contributions towards maintaining and developing this Association. It is my hope and prayer that we continue to grow by leaps and bounds and make an even more significant impact not only within the Region but on the Global stage.

Our goals for this biennium are simple, Advocacy, Collaboration and Training.

For Advocacy, we must advocate to our stakeholders. Advocate to Ministries of Health and Education around the Region. Governments change and we have to be continuous with advocating on behalf of our profession at least once every 4 to 5 years or even sooner.

They need to Know who we are as a body, and what we stand for, and that we are active on all fronts dealing with medical laboratory technology.

We must continue to advocate for Quality standards especially as it relates to Point of Care Testing (POCT) in small Physician Office Labs (POL). There must Not be one standard for us and another standard for POLs attempting to do their own testing with no regard for CALIBRATION, STANDARDS or QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS.

We must get on the doorsteps of CARICOM and be the recognized body with a CARICOM stamp of approval, for medical laboratory professionals. We must get on board and seize the opportunities available to CASMET as that recognized body.

We need to be vocal and speak out against unethical practice of physicians seeking payback for lab services provided to their patients outside of a Preferred Provider network or Health Management Organization.

We must Collaborate more with stakeholders. CASMET will be collaborating with CXC to provide a CASMET certification exam for Medical Technologists (MT). We will also explore examinations for MLT as well, but the pilot project will be on MT certification. We must refine our database to include the training institutions that offer all levels of Medical Technology and Phlebotomy training. We must collaborate with these institutions, Hospitals, private labs, and research facilities and we must include all the way from Guyana and Suriname, all the way up the chain of islands to Bermuda and Belize. We must also collaborate with our Vendors more to give input and to get feedback.

For Training, we must identify gaps and seek to fulfill them. We have expertise within our membership to provide seminars and webinars. The Foundation for this platform is well on its way to fruition. It is expected that by March of 2020 CASMET will have its first Online seminar. Within the next 6 months, we will be testing these engines to receive payments online, applications online and training online.

If we work diligently, we can see these goals come to fruition. We are not rewriting a book. In many cases, we are simply following through on a foundation already started. We aim to see a continuous improvement in Quality of services provided by CASMET. To accomplish these goals, we have a very diverse Regional Council. We have vibrant youth, a wealth of experience and a unique quality of skillsets. We also have members who are anxious to participate and have signed up for various committees. We are especially thankful to persons like Joyce White-Chin of Guyana, and Mario Dell of Western Scientific who promise to lend their expert advice to us not only as auditors.

We have AMT award winning editors, Khalil Lucky and Richard Singh to keep members abreast of our CASMET news. Special Congratulations to Joshua Djemadi of St. Maarten on winning the bid to host BGM 2021.

We ask members to email CASMET at if you don’t hear from us. Check out our website and ensure your country representative or Council member is posting information about your country activities. Join us as we seek to make the next 2 years even better for CASMET members. I leave this with you:

“IF YOUR DREAMS DON’T SCARE YOU, THEY ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH.” - (from Martin Luther King museum). We ask for God’s grace in taking us forward.

Bonaventia Culmer
CASMET President 2019-2021