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Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!


Message from the President:

I was so proud to represent our Florida State Society of American Medical Technologists in Louisville, Kentucky the day after Hurricane Ian devastated our state!

Florida has always been a state of risk takers, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking people. We only look back to learn, and only move forward to live. We will return stronger and with our innate endurance, we will strive to go forward despite any obstacles.

We look forward to seeing our dear friends from the Bahamas in November.

With my deepest regards,
Jose Velasquez, President Florida AMT

Editor November Message

Welcome, Healthcare Heroes, to your FLSSAMT Website. Here you will find updates, meeting and events information, legislation reports and employment opportunity links.

Again, Florida was hit with devastation. On the heels of Hurricane Ian, Nicole ravished our East Coast. To those affected, our hearts go out to you as you struggle to move through the destruction and to bring some normality back to your lives. Your fellow members are here.

Our FLSSAMT Fall Educational and General Business meeting on November 5, 2022 at Keiser University in Ft Lauderdale was a success. How wonderful it was to see friends and colleagues again! There were presentations to meet many mandatory and CE category needs. Thanks to everyone who came out to participate. Keep watching as we will be uploading pictures from our meeting for those of you who could not make it this time! Committee sign ups were plentiful, and our committee appointments have been made. We will post more about our committees soon under the updates tab.

SAVE THE DATE as our next meeting will be on May 20, 2023 in Orlando. Bring your families as the event center will be within 15 minutes of all of the theme Parks and walking distance to shops, restaurants and attractions. Our Vice President, Solomon Goldenberg has secured excellent hotel room rates, so come, gather CEs as you enjoy excellent presentations and take in the sites. More coming soon to your email box, our FLSSAMT website and AMT Communities!

Our Fall meeting is planned for November 4th 2023 on the west coast of the state in the lower Tampa bay Area. More details on that meeting to come as well!! We have had so many great suggestions for desired presentations from our last meeting and plan to include those in our 2023 meetings.

Medical Assistant Recognition Week was in October. Hope you took time to celebrate YOU. If you took pictures, please send them to FLSSAMT.editor@gmail.com. Include permissions to post by everyone in the picture and we will post them here on our website.

The holidays are coming up and your leadership is extending their wishes for a peaceful holiday season. Take time to feel the gift of being with family and friends, especially in the aftermath of recent disastrous events.

Masked healthcare professionalsAnd lastly, do not forget our Job Exchange page! If anyone knows of an opportunity, let me know so the information can be posted here. We have new leads on a regular basis. They are also posted on Florida’s Community on the AMT website.

Pay it Forward FLSSAMT! Lend a hand when you can and keep up the great work!

You are all Healthcare Heroes!

Kathleene Hardy, RMA(AMT)
Media Chair