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Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!

Welcome to the Florida State Society Website!


Message from the President:

Hello fellow Florida State AMT members; I want to congratulate you all for your hard work over the past two years.

You have been on the forefront of the pandemic; some of you behind the scenes, and some as the face of the National/ International health care team.

I am so proud to be part of such a caring, compassionate, and dedicated group of professionals.

Congratulations to our Phlebotomists as we celebrate National Phlebotomist week. I was a phlebotomist for 8 years and can’t imagine how hard it must be to deal with the challenges of the pandemic.

I am looking forward to our next meeting on May 14th; let’s cross our fingers hoping it will be an in-person meeting. Also please sign up to be a Delegate to the AMT National meeting in Scottsdale Arizona July 18 to 22.

Best Regards;

Jose Velasquez, AHI, MT, President FLSSAMT

Message from the Website Editor:

Welcome to your FLSSAMT Website. Here you will find updates, meeting and events information, legislation reports and employment opportunity links.

First and foremost, FLSSAMT sends our thoughts for healing and support to our fellow members and all of those affected by the horrific and unimaginable losses experienced at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas last week. If there was anything, anything at all we, or anyone, could do or say to ease the pain, we would not hesitate. Just know our hearts are with each and every one of you.

To FLSSAMT, Forgive my long absence– on occasion, life just gets in the way. Life having gotten (mostly) back to normal for me, I am back with information for our members.

For those who attended our FLSSAMT Meeting on May 14, 2022, we hope you enjoyed the speakers’ presentations. Our next meeting is in the planning stage as we speak. More details to come!

Plan to attend the AMT Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona this coming July 18-22, 2022. Our first in-person meeting since the pandemic! It is quite exciting to be able to once again feel the camaraderie that comes with our national meetings! Check it out at https://americanmedtech.org/CE-Meetings/Meetings/Annual-Meeting. If you are unable to make it in person, Select education sessions will be recorded and made available in early Fall 2022.

In addition, there will be another in-person CE opportunity this fall: The Magnolia Treasures . The MET will be held in Louisville, Kentucky at the Holiday Inn Louisville East on September 30-October 1, 2022. Check it out at: https://americanmedtech.org/Magnolia-Educational-Treasures.

Anyone having had celebrations during their recognition weeks may send me a picture for posting to our website and in our FLSSAMT UPDATE – be sure you have everyone’s name and permission for posting!

And lastly, do not forget our Job Exchange page! If anyone knows of an opportunity, let me know so the information can be posted here.

Pay it Forward FLSSAMT! Keep those who are in pain in your thoughts, lend a hand when you can. Let them know that although you cannot ease their pain, you are there to support and comfort them while they grieve, heal, and survive.

Kathleene Hardy, RMA(AMT)

Media Chair