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Our Mission

To promote the National Standards of the health care laboratory sciences within the state. To provide opportunity for increasing technical knowledge of our members and to support both National and State organizational goals.

President's Message

Happy New Year!

What an experience this year has been! At the small lab where I work, we went from somewhat slow at the end of March to YES, we’re quite busy now as we’ve added a new instrument, and added COVID testing on the instrument we had previously been using only for flu testing—and got a second one of those instruments so we can do two tests at once. We have also needed to hire additional people since all the outpatients who weren’t here earlier in the year are definitely coming in now and needing lab work. I’m thinking many of you have been experiencing something similar where you work.

Having to cancel travel plans was not the highlight of the year for all of us. We missed our Western District meeting in Las Vegas, and our AMT meeting in Albuquerque in July. I’m optimistic that we will still be able to have our meeting in Norfolk, Virginia next July. Time will tell. I am thankful that I was able to travel to visit my parents in Arkansas this year—they are doing well.

For the “good” of the year, and because we were missing getting our CEs in person, we had two speakers give three online presentations for us so that we had three CEs available to those attending on Zoom. They were very excellent presentations in case you missed them! We are still working on getting two of them to anyone who would still like 2 CEs. (Someone—yours truly—forgot to press the record button in time to have all three.)

Our next meeting will be our spring board meeting, scheduled for Thursday, March 18, 2021. We will be choosing our state delegates to the AMT Annual Meeting in July, and taking care of other business for the year. Any member is welcome to join us—at this time it is planned to be in Las Vegas. If you would like to attend, contact me or another board member to let us know for a count.

If you haven’t heard, our newsletter format will be changing next year, so stay tuned for more information about that. We will be trying to keep our Facebook page updated more often so that you can check there for new information. Just look for Nevada State Society of American Medical Technologists on Facebook and be sure to friend us! And of course there is our webpage at

We hope you have had a nice quiet and healthy holiday season, and are looking forward to keeping more “in touch” with you in 2021!

Juanita Stocke, MT(AMT)
President, NVSSAMT