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Welcome to the Ohio State Society Website!

Photo by Sheryl Scott


President's Message

I hope you are having a beautiful summer. This year is quite a bit different than the last one. No lockdowns, no mandatory masks, etc. For those who did not make it to our spring meeting at University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, you missed some very good presentations and opportunities to network with other OHSSAMT members.

We will be sending 6 delegates to the Annual Meeting in Scottsdale AZ starting on July 17. All of us are looking forward to a very rewarding week of continuing education and business meetings throughout the week. Next years Annual Meeting will be in Norfolk VA. So I you want to be a delegate to that meeting start planning now.

In April AMT working with Credly to create certification badges that you may provide to your employer as proof of your certification. You should have received emails regarding this on or about April 20, 2022. So if you haven’t created an account on Credly please find the emails titled AMT via Credly in your old email inbox and sign up. Go to your web portal and sign in. The select Members at the top ribbon and find Digital badges. That will take you to this URL Badge (americanmedtech.org) the page it takes you to will explain about the badges and your AMT Credentials.

That is just about it for right now. I am trying to find a venue for our fall meeting in the northern part of Ohio but have not been able to secure on for a meeting in October or November. If you know of a venue that would be able to host our meeting. Please let me know. Email me at OHSSAMT@gmail.com .

Keep watching the OHSSAMT page for more information as we get it and log into the AMT communities to find our OHSSAMT group where we will post more information again as we get it.

Have a pleasant rest of your summer,

Chris Williams, RMA, AHI (AMT)
President OHSSAMT