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Welcome to the Oregon State Society Website!

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Many of us put our jobs first and our lives second during this global pandemic. It is incredible to see how people work together to help each other in their communities. Most importantly, it is good to see how love, care, and support function during this crisis. I am optimistic that we will be able to overcome this together.

We must keep ourselves informed with this virus and apply the protective measures we have. Please remember always to wear your mask and keep your distance when you are in the crowds.

Lastly, I would like to tell you that in these difficult times, I feel like it allows us to look inward, reflect on what truly matters, and connect with ourselves and our loved ones on a deeper level.

May you always be well and safe. It is my hope and prayer that we are going to overcome the challenges we have now and will be facing in the future.

If we can help you with anything, please feel free to contact your ORSSAMT Officers!

Warm Regards,
Susan M Beard, MT-AMT
ORSSAMT President