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About Us

The 2022 NWMLS will be done Virtually on October 12, 13 and 14th.
More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Contact Us at orssamtpres@gmail.com



  • 1950 - A determined and entergentic group of individuals formed the non profit society of ORSSAMT. 
  • 1956 - National AMT granted them a charter. 
  • 1960 - The first convention was held in Klamath Falls, Oregon and lasted three days
  • 1970 the first service award was awarded.  It became known as the Charles E. Martin award. 
  • 1990 - Publication of our first individual state newsletter began. Prior to this publication, ORSSAMT and ASMT had a joint publication. 

Over the years our members have been honored with several National awards.  ORSSAMT members have received OGM 1, MOM 1, RMA 1, RMA of year 1,  Friend of AMT 1, Distinguished Achievement 29, Exceptional Merit 15, Becky 2, Pillar 7, Silver Service 5,

A dedicated team of volunteers from the society along with ASCLS put together seminars twice a year.  There are between 300-400 medical personnel attending these three -day events.

Bylaws: (Link)