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District Councillor Message

AMT's Annual Meeting was held at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. There were 430 registered members, guests, and students in attendance. The weather was typical for July, hot and humid.

AMT’s 2024 Annual Meeting will be in St. Louis Missouri, July 8-12, 2024. More information to come soon. Plan your vacation around the AMT Annual Meeting, as there is so much to see and do in Missouri.

Award recipients from the Western District received their awards at the awards banquet in Norfolk Virginia as follows: Cuviello Commitment to Excellence Award Sujanalatha De Almeida RMA, – California; Norman Frankel Outstanding Student Award: Medical Assistant Student Rachel Davis, Western Colorado Community College, Colorado. Distinguish Awards; James Clark, RMA-AZ-Curtiss Taylor, RPT – AZ. Pillar Award; Sujanalatha De Almeida, RMA, RPT, AHI – CA. Robert Newberry, MLS – AZ. Silver Service Awards; Jeffrey Lavender, MLS- RPT – CO. GEM Award; Edna Anderson, LS – OR; Jeannie Hobson, RMA, RPT, AHI, CMAS- CA. Jeffrey Lavender, MLS, RPT – CO. Congratulations to each of you. You have worked tirelessly for your state society and AMT and are so deserving of your award. I am proud of all your accomplishments.

Two new members were elected to the Board of Directors. Jeff Wooley, RMA - Arizona, Sanda Jones MLS- Kentucky. Re-Elected to board was Jill Carlson RMA- RM; Cherry-Ann Da Costa-Carter, MLS, RPT- New York. Your AMT Officers are President: Marty Hinkel MLS - RM; Vice President: Harry Narine, MLS, RPT, Trinidad. Secretary: Cherry-Ann Da Costa-Carter, MT, RPT- New York and Treasurer: Fran Oran RMA - NE.

AMT continues to work on strategic planning for the organization's sound future. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Sheryl Rounsivill RMA, RPT, CMAS, AHI (AMT)
Western District Councillor