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President's Message

Howdy, y'all!

We had a wonderful and unforgettable Spring meeting.

Thank you to all who attended. During the meeting, the local area had a brief power outage. Our members stepped up by using their cell phone lights and other personal lights to illuminate the Speakers and the room. The learning continued as we gathered around the laptop. I was very proud of how we represented the TXSSAMT. Thank you!

Our SOP is still being updated. During the Business meeting, (1) our updated Bylaws were voted on and approved by the members present. You can find it on the Texas Community page, under Library. (2) Nominations for the Board Officers positions were made. You will receive your Voting Ballot during this Summer. The Board Officers will be installed during the Fall 2024 meeting.

Our upcoming events are listed below:

  • Fall 2024 TXSSAMT CE meeting, September 07, 2024, in Temple, TX
  • Spring 2025 CE meeting/Cruise, April 21-26, 2025.

If you wish to volunteer to be a speaker at the fall CE meeting or have any questions, please email us at TXSSAMT@gmail.com. Stay Safe!

Alfonso Clemmings, MLS (AMT)
TXSSAMT President