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President's Message

Greetings to all DC, DE & MD members:

The past three years have been very challenging for many of us. We were trying hard and adapting to life with the pandemic and all the requirements, including wearing masks, social distancing, vaccinations, and even inflation. We are hoping for a better year. I am grateful that we were able to meet in person last year for the Annual Meeting, and now working to make it happen again this year. As we try to move on with our lives, I ask that we all stay vigilant and continue with all safety precautions to stay healthy.

One important message is to remind everyone to keep up with your certification by taking advantage of all the new online courses AMT offers. From telehealth to immunization. It is important to stay up to date with all the changes in the healthcare industry. Remember to check with the state society for information on this year’s Annual Meeting taking place July 24-28, 2023 Norfolk, VA. Hope to see you there!

Ketlard Boursiquot, RMA (AMT)
DC, DE & MD State Society President