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District Councillor Message

Warm salutations to the AMT Family. I hope that everyone is fine and looking forward to attending and participating in their spring in-person state society meetings. The state societies’ Officers and Board Members are busy planning sessions, speakers, and sites for the Board Meetings and Scientific/Business meetings. On behalf of the state society officers and board members, we encourage the membership to frequently log on and click onto the state society’s website and at the online communities to obtain present and future dates, times, places, and registration instructions of the forthcoming events and meetings.

The AMT Annual Meeting is on July 24 to 28, 2023 in Norfolk, Virginia at the Waterside Marriott Hotel. Online registration and Hotel links for the Annual Meeting will be made available starting on March 20, 2023. Please be on the alert for AMT email blasts and routinely log on to the AMT website for further pertinent information and announcements regarding the registration, hotel reservation, CE sessions, committee meetings, and events.

Review and prepare for voting on the Bylaw Amendment at the 2023 Norfolk Annual Meeting. If you have any questions, please reach out to Legal Counsel Michael McCarty and Judiciary Councillor Kimberly Cheuvront by email for all clarifications.

The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held at the Central District and the 2025 Annual Meeting will be held at the Eastern District, TBD. Further information to follow, please be on alert of AMT email blasts.

The Leadership Forum is to be attended by the state society President and Vice President or the individual appointed by the state society board members.

If you are in good standing, have attended the state society meetings and are interested in representing your state society as a delegate at the AMT Annual Meeting, please contact the leaders of your state society.

I am available to assist via cell, email, or text, please leave a brief message and I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, services, and participation at national and within the state society. I thank you for the opportunity to serve as District Councillor. Hope to see you at Norfolk, Virginia and at the state society meetings.

Best regards,
Ivette Rivera, RMA,AHI,RPT(AMT)
Eastern District Councillor