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President's Message

To All Our Members,

I am honored that you chose me to be your newly elected President. It is a role that I do not take lightly; and one that comes with great responsibility. As your newly elected President, it is imperative that I represent you, and ensure that your voices are heard. As President it is important that I fully engage with you by listening, making choices in your best interest, and act with urgency and good intent. I promise to be fair and just as I work hard on your behalf.

I want to welcome our newly elected Vice President Tatian Castillo. Also, a warm welcome to our new Board members Belgica Castillo, Dada Ayodele, Monique Brathwaite, and Anna Lewis. I am excited for the year ahead and I know that together we can achieve great things. I am a firm believer in collaboration and team effort; I welcome all innovative ideas and suggestions that will help to make our association run even better. I want this to be a successful year for all of us and I cannot do it without your help.

In our business updates, New Jersey will be celebrating Medical Assistants Week October 16th -20th, 2023, and Black History month February 1st-29th, 2024. We are currently looking for, a secretary. Secretary is the official record keeper of the state society. They prepare the minutes, send the original with his/her signature to the President for signature within 14 days of the meetings. We are also currently looking for a Treasurer. The Treasurer acts as the financial manager for the association. He or she handles the association funds and maintaining all financial records. From billing and collections to disbursement of funds, the Treasurer oversees all things financial. Both positions are members of the NJSSAMT Board. Board members have a duty of care, duty of loyalty, and duty of obedience. More specifically, board member roles and responsibilities include things like strategic governance and financial management, with the ultimate purpose of helping to further the organization’s core mission.

Our Fall Scientific meeting will be October 14th, 2023, at Crowne Plaza 2055 State Route 27 Edison New Jersey. A sign up will be published soon, so make sure you keep a look out on AMT’s website.

I am excited for this year and cannot wait to start this journey with you all. I have an open-door policy and will always keep an open line of communication, so please never hesitate to reach out to me. Even if you have a story or success to share it on the AMT Community page we love hearing from you, so please always reach out to New Jersey AMT at

Best Regards,
Martha Howard, RMA, CPT