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Welcome to the Pennsylvania State Society Website!

Fellow Members,

Once again, we move into the winter season. We all are still in many different situations due to Covid. My committees are all experiencing individual situations, and continue to be dedicated to keeping the PASSAMT a functioning state society. Meetings behind the scenes are being held virtually. Updates to the state website and Facebook are being made by our state PEMC committee. Once again, the Fall BOD Meeting will be held via ZOOM. As time moves through winter into spring, hopefully we may be able to hold an in-person meeting in May 2022. Updates will be done through the available announcement entities. We will have more information after the BOD meeting. Take care and be safe.

Respectfully submitted,
Debra A. Smeal
PASSAMT President

Our Mission

To promote American Medical Technologists (AMT), and the National Standards of the Health Care Laboratory Sciences, within the state of Pennsylvania. To provide opportunity for increasing knowledge to our Pennsylvania State Society Members(PSSAMT), and to support both National and State Organizational Goals.