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President's Message

Greetings Tristate Members!

I know these have been tough times for all of us in the Allied Health field, but we are tough dedicated health professionals and continue to give it our all. Many of our members have been working tirelessly caring for patients, working in laboratories, hospitals, doctors’ offices and teaching new students as well as homeschooling their own children. I SALUTE you all!!!

Given the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to cancel all of our upcoming meetings temporarily until further notice. New dates will be determined and, in all probability, will be done virtually for the time being so please check the website for details and information on all 2021 upcoming events. Tristate Scientific / Business meetings are usually held in October. We will be searching for new members to hold executive board positions and welcome you to connect with us for details. I hope we can meet together this year but not sure it will be a possibility You may also visit the AMT learning center to view and participate in obtaining additional continuing education credits. In your AMT Learning Center, you are able to maintain and Access 300+ courses, available to you anytime and will keep you in compliance.

The 83rd AMT Virtual National Meeting - Save the dates for the AMT Annual Meeting scheduled on July 19-21, 2021. The business meeting sessions and the election are free from any charges. The AMT Educational component will be July 19-20, 2021 and is available to all AMT members free of charge, and not only limited to Delegates. Although, 24 sessions with specific timeslots will be offered during the AMT Educational program, only a maximum of 10 CE credit hours will be allowed. After completion of selected lecture, the credit will automatically be entered in AMTrax by the AMT office who will track which 10 CE credit hours a member has completed. Most sessions will be recorded and will be made available until the end of August, allowing members the opportunity to listen to any sessions they may have missed or any of the other 24 sessions.

In the meantime, stay certified, be sure you update your profile with AMT and pay your dues, so you are sure to receive all the benefits membership provides as well as receiving emails with updated information.

Stay safe, stay healthy and care for one another, love, smile and laugh with your family and friends - we will all beat this together!

All my best -
Phyllis Nordby, RMA