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Southern District Councillor Message


I have just returned from a wonderful week at the Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you attended, you could receive 13 continuing educational credits. This year the electronic QR code gave you entry to everything. It is a code that was fixed on your badge which could be scanned as you entered the lecture rooms or Keynote session. A really cool about the scanning was that your CE showed up immediately following the session in your AMTrax account. (Be sure to check your account to see if everything is there)

This must be the best and easiest voting process as well. Electionbuddy was used and in a 5 second process of picking the 2 MTs and 1 RMA that you wished to vote for, it was over!!! You had cast your vote and it was counted immediately! I really like these new electronic processes! All you need is your smartphone and to receive your emails on the phone and away you go!

It was so good to get back to seeing one another and visiting with each other. The events were very special to me. Especially, the awards night. The Southern District rocked!! You all made me very proud and honored to be the Southern District Councillor as we received 22 awards in our district! Unbelievable!! Great Job! Congratulations to Alice Macomber as MOM recipient; Kaye Tschop as OGM recipient and many others! It was an amazing night.

I was pleased to be the 2019 recipient of the President’s Award and the Pillar Award. My daughter came to see the event and I was overwhelmed to the point that I didn’t say thank you to all those that made me an award recipient.…so THANK YOU!! Awards are bestowed on one person, but that person doesn’t arrive as a recipient all by themselves. There are many mentors along the way. So again, thank you to all who made the Pillar Award and the President’s Award possible for me.

Events, fellowship and food!! It was all great and I thank the AMT staff for pulling it together for 2022.They are the best!

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Annual Meeting, July 24-28 in Norfolk, VA. More information will be coming soon.

I hope to see everyone at the Magnolia Educational Treasurers (MET) Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2022. AND if you are planning a fall meeting besides a Board of Directors meeting at the ME, please let me know.

Last, let me remind you that the Awards for 2022 will be offered this year and the nominations forms, are now available on the state leaders resource page. All nominations must be received electronically by December 1 to be considered. Recipients will receive them in Norfolk.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

I am here for you.

Anna Catron, MT (AMT)
Southern District Councillor
Vice-President VASSAMT