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Greetings VASSAMT Membership!

It’s mid-winter and it has been a very mild one for Southwestern Virginia. Last fall’s meeting at ECPI College, Roanoke, VA was a great meeting! Our host site was wonderful. VASSAMT’s plan for 2020 would be to get student societies started in Roanoke for the MT, MLT and RMA students at the respective schools in the Roanoke area. Please contact me at 276-233-4400 if you are interested in starting a student society at your school. The Medical Technology, Medical Technician and Medical Assistant programs are vital to the healthcare industry and each student is very important to us. AMT is here to help!

Coming Soon: VASSAMT is adding a tab on homepage for the Student Societies. Lori Bedford, USN RET, IDC, AS, BHA, AHI(AMT) Medical Coordinator Centura College, Virginia Beach is working with me to develop this important tool for the students already enrolled in VASSAMT Student Society. This is a work in process so if you have ideas about what should appear on that site, please let me know by email:

Thanks to all!
Hope to see you soon in Norfolk, VA
Anna Catron, MT (AMT)

Jan 27, 2020