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President's Message

It has been a busy year and as someone said, “transitionally challenging.” We are all trying to deal with all the changes facing us in our work, church, and family lives. We must stand strong and be the best people we can be.

It has been a beautiful and colorful Fall in Southwest Virginia. The colors lift our spirits and help us to be thankful for our trees. I have seen pictures from some of our members out west and they are already getting some snow. I am a summer girl, but I do love the Christmas season.

We owe a special thank you to Kathy Cilia, AMT Executive Director and our home office staff for a successful Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. The educational program was very informative, and the meetings and social activities were well-planned. I especially enjoyed the musical interludes during the awards banquet. Also, a big thank you to Kaye Tschop, Executive Councillor for her hard work in revising forms and to Anna Catron, Southern District Councillor for keeping everyone up to date with these changes.

In the Spring, VASSAMT and NCSSAMT will jointly have the Clinical ColLABoration, VCCC, March 31- April 1, 2023, at the New College Institute in Martinsville, VA. Some interesting educational programs are planned. There will also be state board and business meetings scheduled. We are looking for members that would like to get involved and learn more about their organization. AMT is owned by its members, and we are the governing body. Your opinions, ideas, and concerns need to be heard and you can contribute to the AMT. I encourage you to step up and be active in your organization. We need your help!

I must share with you how I began in the Virginia State Society. I went to my first meeting, encouraged to do so, by a laboratory salesperson. This was back in 1967 or somewhere around that time. That was 55 years ago! I had no idea what the state meeting was all about. I soon learned. They were great techs and soon became my professional family. I went home from that meeting as the editor of the state publication. From that time on I have not stopped working. It has been a great experience and helped me become part of the pride of the profession. It is your turn to share in this wonderful experience. Please give it a try and come join us at our next state meeting in Martinsville, Virginia in April 2023. I am issuing you a special invitation to sit in on our board meeting on Friday evening, Mach 31st and our business meeting on Saturday, April 1, 2023. I promise we will make you feel welcome.

The 2023 AMT Annual Meeting will be July 24-28 in Norfolk, Virginia at the Waterside Marriott. More information will be available soon. The Virginia State Society is looking for participation from its membership. We need your help!!!

Linda Jones Sotak, BS, MT (AMT), HHS