Certification brings a higher level of value to the workplace

AMT Helps Employers…

Prepare Employees for Success

Find Qualified Candidates

Verify Certification Status

Check the certification status of potential or current employees.

Why Partner with AMT?

AMT offers the highest level of rigor, integrity & service

Rigorous Standards

Secure testing and eligibility criteria ensure highest standards are met.

Industry Recognition

Leading health care systems ask for AMT certification and credentials by name.

A Non-Profit Association

Automatic membership makes AMT your employee’s lifelong career partner.

Simple, Cost Effective Process

A streamlined system and reasonably priced credentials aid in the certification process.

Your partner in allied health certification since 1939.

Let AMT guide you

3 Steps to Start the Certification Process

Check Certification Status

Have your staff check to see if they have been previously certified by AMT. Individuals with prior AMT certification may not need to take the exam.

Set up payment

There are two ways to pay:

1) Employees pay for themselves

Individual payments can be made directly when applying online.

2) Purchase on behalf of your employees

The “bulk” purchase process is used even if you only need to purchase a single application or practice exam.

  • Upon purchase, a coupon code will generate and be emailed to you
  • Distribute codes to employees in lieu of payment

Send the application to your employees

Advise each eligible employee to start an application.

Prepare your employees

Study resources, practice exams and review courses boost testing confidence.

Practice Exams Offered

  • Medical Assistant (RMA)
  • Phlebotomy Technician (RPT)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)
  • Medical Labratory Technician (MLT)

Review Courses

  • Medical Assistant (RMA)

An opportunity I gained by being a member of AMT was to work alongside one of my doctors from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Lois Ramondetta, to present a live webinar on the HPV vaccine. It was great experience.

Keisha Providence, RMA, RPT(AMT)

AMT Supports Employers

Serving you and your employees through certification and beyond

Personalized Service

Our expert team will guide you through the certification process.

Get the support you need

Connect With AMT

Bulk Purchasing Options

If your organization is purchasing on behalf of your employees, consider purchasing in bulk to facilitate the process.

Take advantage of bulk purchasing.

Bulk Purchase

Employee Progress Reports

As a partner organization, you can access reports that show pass/fail scores compared to a national benchmark. Track employee application and exam progress, practice exam scores and more in extensive management reports.

Take advantage of management reports.

Access Reports

CE Opportunities for Staff

Our Learning Center offers online CE with courses and certificate programs for your entire staff at affordable prices.

Keep your staff’s skills current.

View CE Options

Stackable Credentials

Customize your career path by accumulating certifications or advanced certificates of study to enhance your qualifications, increase your value in the workplace and potentially provide a higher paying job.

Stay in Touch

Receive bi-monthly updates and news about credentialing with AMT via email by subscribing to the AMT Access.

Expand knowledge

Explore continuing education opportunities.