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Move Up In Your Career

Earning additional certifications makes you more valuable to employers.

Distinguish Yourself from Peers

Maximize your current certification by earning a certificate based on a specific skill set.

Build Your Knowledge Base

Online education can help you expand your career.

2 ways to stack your credentials…

#1:Earn Additional Certifications

Based on your regular daily duties, a registered medical assistant (RMA) may qualify for phlebotomy technician (RPT) or clinical medical laboratory assistant (CMLA) certification.

  • A MLT can advance to a medical technician (MT) with more education
  • A certified MT who is performing molecular diagnostic techniques is eligible to take the molecular diagnostics technologist (MDT) exam

#2:Earn a Certificate

Enhance your certification with a REACH certificate based on a specific skill set.

  • Certificates signifying mastery of a specific subject matter
  • Place yourself at an advantage to peers.

What is the difference between a certification and a certificate?

Certification is a professional credential that is validated through a third-party after formal education and/or experience is completed.

Certificates are earned after successfully completing a course with a specific focus, followed immediately by an assessment.

Increase your testing confidence

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