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President's Message

Hello Arizona AMT members,

As indicated by the 114-degree temperature, the summer has officially returned. I am happy to say that the covid 19 situation appears to be improving. Numbers have improved and fears have subsided. We have experienced the elimination of mask and distancing requirements. It has been great to be able to attend graduations, church services, and family gatherings.

We had a great meeting this April at the Desert Willow Conference Center and the feeling of anticipation for the national meeting was undeniable. I am so excited to have my extended AMT family show up in my own neck of the woods. I am sure that everyone will find Scottsdale and the surrounding areas to be abundant in activities and experiences unique to our great state. The speakers and programs have been set up in a much better way this year. The home office has been making continual improvements in standardization and creating a seamless process for registration and many other tasks.

I am also looking forward to the Arizona State Society Fall Meeting. This year we will be heading south to Tucson. The meeting will take place at the Desert Diamond Casino. We have garnered a terrific lineup of speakers so you can be sure that you will walk away with something new. I must express my gratitude for the volunteer members of the Arizona State Society. It is through the efforts of these individuals that education opportunities like this continue to be available.

While there are many routes to electronically obtain continuing education, there is something to be said about the benefits of live speaker presentations. Gestures, hand movements, any visual cue can have the potential to increase retention. Some may not be active learners, but the fact is that you will surely be more engaged in a classroom setting as opposed to laying on your couch looking at a screen. Feedback can be obtained electronically but it is not in real time and something as simple as an expression can guide the way to understanding. You can’t read the room on a computer. Furthermore, attending a group meeting will connect you with a community of learners that can facilitate learning and retention.

Going forward, we will inevitably be faced with new problems. Currently inflation and gas prices are making it difficult to get by. Do not be afraid to help your fellow human if you are able to do so. We are our greatest resource. Remember to promote certification to new students and encourage established professionals to certify. Be safe and I hope to see you at the national meeting.

Dustin Martinez MT (AMT)