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Eastern District Councillor Message
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Eastern District Councillor Message

Winter 2022

Warm salutations to everyone as we plan along with families and friends to celebrate the various holidays during the festive season.

The next AMT Annual Meeting is in Norfolk, Virginia at the Waterside Marriott Hotel on July 24 – 28, 2023. Keep alert for AMT email blasts with further instructions and updates.

Remember to submit the state society award nominations by November 30, 2022, at 11:59 (CST) to meet the December 1st deadline.

A major bylaw amendment will be presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting. More details and information on the bylaws changes will be provided to all membership in the following months. Judiciary Councillor, Kimberly Cheuvront may be available, with prior notification and arrangements, to address questions at state board or business meetings via virtual meeting link set up. Please reach out to me for additional details.

It was great to finally meet in person, however, please mindfully adhere to the appropriate procedures assigned by facilities. Keep safe and healthy.

Be sure to share AMT scholarship application information for students and members at state society meetings and school liaison visits. The link for the information is here https://americanmedtech.org/Blog/Blog-Post/apply-for-an-amt-scholarship.

As informed on the AMT email blast received November 1st, the renewal fee increases will be effective January 1, 2023. The AMT annual renewal fee details:

  • MT/MLT/MDT: $110
  • CLC: $105
  • AHI: $45

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thank the state society officers and board members for their continuous services to the membership. Thank you, members, for your loyalty, interest, contribution, and participation. A personal thank you for the reappointment as Eastern District Councillor, and with pride, I will continue to render my services to assist. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at your 2023 spring or fall educational and business meetings and at the 2023 AMT Annual Meeting.

Happy Holidays!! Stay safe and may everyone receive God’s Blessings throughout the holiday season.

Best regards, Ivette Rivera, RMA, AHI, RPT(AMT)
Eastern District Councillor